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Warm Palace | Night Extended Absorption Quiet High-Waisted Menstrual Underwear

Warm Palace | Night Extended Absorption Quiet High-Waisted Menstrual Underwear

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Absorption capacity of 80ml, the highest on the market, giving peace of mind even with a larger volume

Absorption length of 48cm, surpassing all night-use sanitary pads

(Each person has a menstrual period of 3 to 7 days, with a total blood volume of approximately 20ml to 140ml.)

(The longest night-use sanitary pad on the market is only 42.5cm long.)

Worried about leaking during your period and the sanitary pad being too short?

Worried about the large volume panty liners overflowing in the trash and emitting an odor?

Want to use a warm pack on your stomach during your period but the stick-on warm pack only lasts for 14 hours?

GoMoond® Warm Pack | Night-use Extended and Increased Volume, Four Key Features

1. 80ml Absorption Capacity, the highest in the industry
Can directly replace 6 sanitary pads and can be worn all day without any issues.
(Each person has a menstrual period of 3 to 7 days, with an average total blood volume of 33ml to 50ml.)
2. 48cm super long absorption range.

6cm longer than 42cm sanitary pads, providing a larger coverage area with peace of mind.

Built-in absorbent layer in the panty, no fear of displacement even when sleeping on your stomach.

3. Inner pocket for holding a hand-held warm pack

Warmth lasts for 24 hours, bid farewell to menstrual discomfort.

4. Can be reused after washing and drying

"The absorbent layer uses long-lasting anti-bacterial fabric, which retains its anti-bacterial function even after washing

Wear GoMoond® Warming Haven| Night Use with Added Length and Volume

replace 6 pads directly, and wear comfortably all day long!

GoMoond® Warm Pad | Extended Night Use


The absorbent and leak-proof area is increased in front and back, with a total length of 48 cm, 20 cm longer than the 28 cm night use sanitary pads!


Significantly surpasses all sanitary pads on the market and no longer worries about front and back leaks.


The maximum absorption and leak-proof coverage is up to 30cm, providing a large coverage area for peace of mind, ensuring a good night's sleep without worrying about blood stains on the sheets!

The absorption and leak-proof layer is built into the pants, so there's no need to worry about displacement even when sleeping.

Place the warm pack for continuous warmth for 24 hours, relieving menstrual discomfort.

(Only the handheld warm warm pack can maintain heating for 24 hours, while the adhesive warm warm pack can only heat for 14-18 hours.)

When traveling abroad, you can store important items and backup cash close to your body!

GoMoond® Warm Nest | Night Use with Extended Length and Volume

After washing and drying, it can be used again!


A zero-waste menstrual life with no more used pads in the trash can and no more unpleasant odors in the bathroom.


No more chasing after the garbage truck every day because of your period!

The absorbent range uses high-specification functional fabric made in Taiwan

The globally unique purple intimate layer makes the absorption status clear at a glance.
The antibacterial rate is 99.9%, effectively inhibiting bacterial growth, significantly reducing odors, and has a delicate and smooth feeling of fine danier fiber. The absorption of menstrual blood is clearly visible!
Exclusive to the Warm Palace night use! Upgrade flow control antibacterial absorption layer.
Exclusive to the Warm Womb night-use, the water-resistant and antibacterial functional fabric of the same level as the absorption layer increases the absorption capacity to 80ml! Double the absorption, double the peace of mind!
Zinc Ion Long-Lasting Antibacterial Absorption Layer
Prevent odor and bacterial growth, protect your menstrual period (antibacterial effect does not decrease with the number of times it is washed with water)!
The ultra-thin dual function waterproof layer
The ultra-thin dual-function waterproof layer is like a mountain jacket-level waterproof film, with a transparency less than 0.02mm. It not only protects against water but also quickly evaporates moisture, maintaining a dry and comfortable feel in the vaginal area!

GoMoond® Exclusive Patented Sewing Reversal Anti-Leak Technology

Wear with confidence, without fear of leakage!

The arch-shaped structure of the absorbent layer, if you're used to using sanitary pads, you can stick the wing to the bottom of the absorbent layer, strengthening the wing through the pants.

The appearance also does not show that a sanitary pad is attached.

Most menstrual panties are made of black fabric, which makes it difficult to observe the absorption of menstrual blood.

GoMoond® has therefore created a unique purple skin-friendly layer made of fabric that allows users to observe the absorption of menstrual blood through a non-obtrusive purple color.

Instant absorption, antibacterial rate of 99.9%

Antimicrobial treatment effectively prevents bacterial growth and significantly reduces odors.

Certified by SGS testing, giving you peace of mind!

(Including Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans)


Instantaneously absorb surface moisture, maintain a dry and comfortable vaginal area.

Delicate and soft satin fiber texture, delicate and skin-friendly fabric.

The absorbent layer of GoMoond® is made of a special fabric made of zinc ion yarn, the anti-bacterial effect will not decline even after multiple washes, allowing GoMoond to accompany you throughout your menstrual period!

The fabric has been tested for antifungal properties by Intertek and has features such as water resistance, UV resistance, antifungal and odor-resistant, and moisture-wicking.

Incorporating zinc ions into the thread to prevent bacteria and odors and with long-lasting water resistance.


Avoiding odors and bacterial growth, taking care of your menstrual period.

GoMoond® is made of ultra-thin, breathable and moisture-wicking material, providing maximum comfort during menstruation.

Even though this type of material is mainly used in high-end mountain jackets, GoMoond® still adheres to its commitment to quality and uses the functional fabric of mountain jackets in its menstrual pants. This is all to provide everyone with the best menstrual experience.


The waterproof layer that is breathable and wicks moisture, keeps the bottom of the pants feeling fresh and comfortable, whether at home or out, you don't have to worry about it all day!

GoMoond® panties can be machine washed in a laundry bag or gently hand washed. After washing, it is recommended to turn them inside out to speed up the drying process.


*Washing tips: Please do not twist or pull violently, and do not use fabric softeners, bleach, dry cleaning agents, or hot water.

Are you always worried about the arrival of your period and if it will suddenly hit you in large amounts?

GoMoond® has developed different styles to completely accompany you during your menstrual cycle, so you don't have to worry about those sudden heavy flows anymore!


Daily Use:


Lightweight and breathable, no longer suffer from hot and stuffy days.

No more discomfort from absorbent cotton/pad that doesn't absorb enough!

Let you calmly wait for your period and easily say goodbye to it.


Night use:


The back absorbent area extends upward, providing more peace of mind when sleeping in bed.


Night use with increased length and quantity:

Be prepared and confidently tackle heavy menstrual flow with the increased absorbent range of the extended and increased quantity design. Give yourself a peaceful night and a clean bedsheet!

Since the launch of GoMoond® in 2018, the company has sold over 300,000 menstrual pants, changing the menstrual experience for many people and receiving high praise and recommendations.


The team continues to understand user needs and improve their products, hoping to respond to more needs and bring a more comfortable menstrual experience with each release.

The team  GoMoond® was established in 2017.

Committed to bringing diverse discussions on menstrual issues to Taiwanese society and leading society to celebrate menstruation together.

::: Shopping Information :::

● Online purchases include a 7-day inspection period (including weekends).

● According to the regulations of the Consumer Protection Commission, intimate clothing is considered a hygiene item and cannot be exchanged or returned due to hygiene considerations once opened. Please confirm carefully before placing an order.

● All product images are taken of the actual product, and there may be slight differences between the photos and the actual product due to factors such as screen color differences and lighting during shooting. The actual product shall prevail.

::: Cleaning suggestions :::

Can be hand washed or machine washed.


Hand washing steps:

Soak in cold water with detergent for about 15 minutes.

Use a pressing method to absorb the layer so that the detergent can fully contact the absorbent layer and remove the dried menstrual blood.

Repeat changing the water until there is no blood color.

● Machine wash steps:

Please remember to separate light and dark clothing and put them in a laundry bag before putting them in the washing machine.

● Note: Do not use hot water, do not use brushes, do not use fabric softener, and do not dry clean.

::: Frequently Asked Questions :::

1. Do I need to change it after wearing all day?

A: On days with lighter flow, it's possible to wear the product all day without changing, but on heavier flow days, it may be necessary to change or wear a product with higher absorbency, such as Moon Pants. The number of products needed per day varies depending on individual flow.


If you wish to wear the product all day on heavy flow days, you can also use other menstrual products such as sanitary pads or tampons to reduce the amount of waste and the frequency of changing.

2. Is there a risk of infection or odor?

A:GoMoond® pants are made with quick-drying and antibacterial material, so there won't be any odor or infection problems, and they have passed SGS inspection.

3.Can it absorb blood clots?

A:GoMoodn® pants® only absorb menstrual blood, they cannot absorb clots. When the surface of the fabric is stained with clots, please wipe it off directly with a sanitary paper, which will make it more dry, comfortable and fresh to wear.

4. How many should I prepare?

A:This style's absorption capacity is equivalent to six pieces of daily sanitary pads, and the number of pieces needed per day depends on individual menstrual flow.

5. Will it fade or discolor when washed in a washing machine

A:Please separate light and dark clothes and put each in its own laundry bag when washing. If you are worried about blood stains causing discoloration, it is recommended to rinse with water first. Avoid leaving wet clothes for a long time to prevent fading.

6. What sets it apart from regular menstrual panties??

A:Unlike traditional menstrual pants which only have the function of leak prevention, Moon pants® have the added function of absorbing sweat and can completely replace sanitary pads without feeling stuffy or uncomfortable.

**This product is made of functional fabric from Taiwan and processed by sewing machines in China.**
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Patented Leak-Proof Design, Seam-Secure Technology

GoMoond's menstrual pants feature a patented leak-proof design, ensuring that menstrual blood does not seep through the seams. Patents obtained in Taiwan, Japan, the European Union, and China

Ultra-thin absorbent fabric, thickness less than 0.1cm

  • Skin-friendly layer: Exclusive purple fabric that inhibits bacteria and prevents staining, SGS tested with a 99% bacteria inhibition rate
  • Absorption layer: Zinc ions inhibit bacteria, preventing odor and bacterial growth
  • Waterproof layer: <0.02mm mountain-grade waterproof film, rapidly vaporizes moisture, preventing heat and odor buildup

Simple to use, suitable for hand washing and machine washing

GoMoond® cloth sanitary pads are made with easy-to-clean materials, suitable for both hand washing and machine washing.

*Avoid using fabric softeners and steam ironing.*Please be sure to wash light and dark colors separately or avoid soaking for too long to prevent possible staining.

All GoMoond pants have passed the SGS PFAS test.

::: Frequently Asked Questions :::

1.Do I need to change it if I wear it all day?

A: On days with lighter flow, it's possible to wear the same pair for the entire day without needing to change. For heavier flow days, choosing a style with greater absorbency is recommended. As long as the total amount of menstrual flow in a day falls within the absorption capacity of that particular style, you can wear it all day without needing to change.

2. Are there any concerns regarding infections or odors?

A:GoMoond® cloth sanitary pads are treated for quick-drying and antibacterial properties, so there are no issues with odors or infections. They have also passed SGS testing.

3.Can it absorb blood clots?

A:GoMoond® pants only absorb menstrual blood, they cannot absorb clots. When the surface of the fabric is stained with clots, please wipe it off directly with a sanitary paper, which will make it more dry, comfortable and fresh to wear.

4. How many should I prepare?

A: It is recommended to prepare about four pairs for days with heavier flow.

5.Will machine washing cause staining?

A: Please wash light and dark clothes separately in laundry bags. If concerned about blood stains, it is recommended to rinse with water first. Do not leave wet clothes for a long time to avoid fading.