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Cotton-Feel|Mid-Waist Menstrual Underwear for Daily Use

Cotton-Feel|Mid-Waist Menstrual Underwear for Daily Use

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1.  Absorption equivalent to 3 sanitary pads.

The base of the underwear is only 0.1 cm thick, a quarter of the thickness of regular sanitary pads, yet offers up to 3 times the absorption!
(Each person's menstrual period lasts 3 to 7 days, with the total average blood volume being about 33ml to 50ml.) 

2. Patented Leak-Proof Construction, Prevents Leakage Through Seams.

3. Made with Japanese EKS Deodorizing Yarn and Tencel Cotton Fabric.,


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Patented Leak-Proof Design, Seam-Secure Technology

GoMoond's menstrual pants feature a patented leak-proof design, ensuring that menstrual blood does not seep through the seams. Patents obtained in Taiwan, Japan, the European Union, and China

Ultra-thin absorbent fabric, thickness less than 0.1cm

  • Skin-friendly layer: Exclusive purple fabric that inhibits bacteria and prevents staining, SGS tested with a 99% bacteria inhibition rate
  • Absorption layer: Zinc ions inhibit bacteria, preventing odor and bacterial growth
  • Waterproof layer: <0.02mm mountain-grade waterproof film, rapidly vaporizes moisture, preventing heat and odor buildup

Simple to use, suitable for hand washing and machine washing

GoMoond® cloth sanitary pads are made with easy-to-clean materials, suitable for both hand washing and machine washing.

*Avoid using fabric softeners and steam ironing.*Please be sure to wash light and dark colors separately or avoid soaking for too long to prevent possible staining.

All GoMoond pants have passed the SGS PFAS test.

::: Frequently Asked Questions :::

1.Do I need to change it if I wear it all day?

A: On days with lighter flow, it's possible to wear the same pair for the entire day without needing to change. For heavier flow days, choosing a style with greater absorbency is recommended. As long as the total amount of menstrual flow in a day falls within the absorption capacity of that particular style, you can wear it all day without needing to change.

2. Are there any concerns regarding infections or odors?

A:GoMoond® cloth sanitary pads are treated for quick-drying and antibacterial properties, so there are no issues with odors or infections. They have also passed SGS testing.

3.Can it absorb blood clots?

A:GoMoond® pants only absorb menstrual blood, they cannot absorb clots. When the surface of the fabric is stained with clots, please wipe it off directly with a sanitary paper, which will make it more dry, comfortable and fresh to wear.

4. How many should I prepare?

A: It is recommended to prepare about four pairs for days with heavier flow.

5.Will machine washing cause staining?

A: Please wash light and dark clothes separately in laundry bags. If concerned about blood stains, it is recommended to rinse with water first. Do not leave wet clothes for a long time to avoid fading.