Frequently Asked Questions | Menstrual Pants

GoMoond®️ menstrual pants is a revolutionary product for periods, effectively solving the problems of menstrual leakage and anxiety.

[ Light Flow Days ]
The menstrual underwear can be worn alone, ready to absorb the initial menstrual flow or the lighter flow towards the end of the period. They handle menstrual leakage with ease, also effortlessly absorbing any secretions.

[ Heavy Flow Days ]
For these days, you can opt for the extra absorbency menstrual underwear for secure protection!

If there's still concern about heavy flow, you can also pair them with your usual menstrual products (such as tampons, cloth sanitary pads, menstrual cups, menstrual discs, sanitary pads) for extra peace of mind!

Q: Can it be used for daily secretions?

Menstrual underwear is capable of moisture absorption, leak prevention, sweat-wicking, and is also lightweight. Wearing them feels similar to regular underwear. Their light and comfortable design makes them a great daily companion!

Q: Can they be used for urinary incontinence?

We offer specialized incontinence underwear designed specifically for urinary incontinence, providing quick absorption and a dry feel to replace standard options. => buy here

▋ Usage

Q: How should I start using them for the first time?
Before the first wear, clean the menstrual underwear in a normal laundry cycle inside a laundry bag, or hand wash in cold water. The waistband of seamless styles will be tighter when new but will become softer and more comfortable after several wears and washes due to the softening of the adhesive strips.

Q: Are they breathable? Will they feel hot and stuffy?
The crotch area of menstrual underwear is made of moisture-wicking material, which allows water vapor to escape while being waterproof, so they won't feel hot and stuffy. However, avoid wearing tight pants or jeans as it might hinder the evaporation of moisture, leading to a slight dampness.

Q: Will the absorbed menstrual blood seep back? Can I really wear them all day?
On days with light flow, the moisture-wicking property quickly dries the absorbed blood, so seepage is unlikely. For heavier flow, you can choose extra absorbency styles (like the Taiwan Daily Extra Absorbency or the Warm Palace Night Extra Long Absorbency), to remain comfortable and convenient. If concerned about heavy flow, you can also pair them with your usual menstrual products for peace of mind during your period.

✧ If using menstrual underwear exclusively during your period, please change them according to your personal flow. ✧

Q: How can I tell how much menstrual blood has been absorbed?
When absorbing blood, the color of the crotch surface will darken and feel slightly damp. You can also judge by the weight. Once the moisture evaporates, it can continue to absorb more.

Q: What should I do about blood clots?
If blood clots are present on the surface of the fabric, gently wipe them off with toilet paper. This will make them drier and more comfortable to wear again.

Q: Will there be an odor, bacteria growth, or infection?
The odor during menstruation is caused by the interaction of menstrual blood and sweat with air, particularly in a hot and non-breathable environment which can lead to bacteria growth. Menstrual underwear uses antibacterial fabric and has passed SGS inspection, making it less prone to bacterial growth, infections, and odors.