how to wash

Following the cleaning recommendations can increase the product lifespan.
It is recommended to clean the product on the same day.
Please use a laundry bag when machine washing.
*Do not use bleach or dry cleaning.
Please do not wash or dry at high temperatures.
Please do not pull or use sharp objects forcefully.
Avoid using fabric softeners and steam ironing.
*Please be sure to wash light and dark colors separately or avoid soaking for too long to prevent possible staining.
Q:Do I have to hand wash? Can I put it in the washing machine?"
We suggest soaking the underwear in water with a small amount of hand wash detergent, gently rubbing it, or using a laundry bag for machine washing. To dry the underwear faster, you can use a towel to squeeze out excess water or use the spin cycle. Hang the underwear to dry while keeping it stretched out as much as possible. In the summer, it is best to dry it in a well-ventilated area with the inside facing out, while in the winter, you can use a dehumidifier indoors and it will dry overnight.
Q:Will throwing it in the washing machine cause menstrual blood to stain other clothes?
GoMoond are designed as a supplementary menstrual product and not intended to fully absorb heavy flow, so they are not excessively blood-stained. If you are concerned about the possibility of menstrual blood staining other clothes, you can soak and wash the panties before putting them in the washing machine. However, generally after washing, all clothes in the machine will be clean and only have the scent of laundry detergent.
Q:Do I need special detergent to clean it properly?
No, you don't need to use any special detergent to clean it. Just wash it like you would with any other underwear.
Q:Is the multi-layer design easy to clean?
The materials used are all easy-to-clean materials, but it is recommended to soak them on the same day to avoid the situation of menstrual blood drying and sticking to the fabric.