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Reusable Menstrual Pads

Reusable Menstrual Pads

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World's first buttonless, self-adhesive fabric design

GoMoond® innovatively uses a self-adhesive fabric design at the sanitary pad overlap area, allowing for adjustable tightness and reducing the feeling of a foreign object.

Simple to use, suitable for hand washing and machine washing

GoMoond® cloth sanitary pads are made with easy-to-clean materials, suitable for both hand washing and machine washing.

*Avoid using fabric softeners and steam ironing.*Please be sure to wash light and dark colors separately or avoid soaking for too long to prevent possible staining.

All GoMoond pants have passed the SGS PFAS test.

::: Frequently Asked Questions :::

1. How often should GoMoond® cloth sanitary pads be changed?

A: On days with lighter flow, it's possible to wear the product all day without changing, but on heavier flow days, it may be necessary to change or wear a product with higher absorbency, such as Moon Pants. The number of products needed per day varies depending on individual flow.

If you wish to wear the product all day on heavy flow days, you can also use other menstrual products such as sanitary pads or tampons to reduce the amount of waste and the frequency of changing.

2. Are there any concerns regarding infections or odors?

GoMoond® cloth sanitary pads are treated for quick-drying and antibacterial properties, so there are no issues with odors or infections. They have also passed SGS testing.

3.Can it absorb blood clots?

A:GoMoodn® pants® only absorb menstrual blood, they cannot absorb clots. When the surface of the fabric is stained with clots, please wipe it off directly with a sanitary paper, which will make it more dry, comfortable and fresh to wear.

4. How many should I prepare?

A:TPlease wash light and dark clothes separately in laundry bags. If concerned about blood stains, it is recommended to rinse with water first. Do not leave wet clothes for a long time to avoid fading.