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Daily Absorbent Underwear | Incontinence Specific

Daily Absorbent Underwear | Incontinence Specific

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Urine Absorbency
  1. Absorbs approximately 15ml of urine (excluding extra pad), with an extra pad about 30ml.

  2. The extra pad design allows for adjustable absorbency according to personal needs.

  3. Unidirectional moisture-wicking fabric, offering rapid absorption and quick drying.

  4. Antibacterial material ensures safe use.

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Patented Leak-Proof Design, Seam-Secure Technology

GoMoond's menstrual pants feature a patented leak-proof design, ensuring that menstrual blood does not seep through the seams. Patents obtained in Taiwan, Japan, the European Union, and China

Ultra-thin absorbent fabric, thickness less than 0.1cm

  • Skin-friendly layer: Exclusive purple fabric that inhibits bacteria and prevents staining, SGS tested with a 99% bacteria inhibition rate
  • Absorption layer: Zinc ions inhibit bacteria, preventing odor and bacterial growth
  • Waterproof layer: <0.02mm mountain-grade waterproof film, rapidly vaporizes moisture, preventing heat and odor buildup

Simple to use, suitable for hand washing and machine washing

GoMoond® cloth sanitary pads are made with easy-to-clean materials, suitable for both hand washing and machine washing.

*Avoid using fabric softeners and steam ironing.*Please be sure to wash light and dark colors separately or avoid soaking for too long to prevent possible staining.

All GoMoond pants have passed the SGS PFAS test.

::: Frequently Asked Questions :::

1.Do I need to change it if I wear it all day?

A: On days with lighter flow, it's possible to wear the same pair for the entire day without needing to change. For heavier flow days, choosing a style with greater absorbency is recommended. As long as the total amount of menstrual flow in a day falls within the absorption capacity of that particular style, you can wear it all day without needing to change.

2. Are there any concerns regarding infections or odors?

A:GoMoond® cloth sanitary pads are treated for quick-drying and antibacterial properties, so there are no issues with odors or infections. They have also passed SGS testing.

3.Can it absorb blood clots?

A:GoMoond® pants only absorb menstrual blood, they cannot absorb clots. When the surface of the fabric is stained with clots, please wipe it off directly with a sanitary paper, which will make it more dry, comfortable and fresh to wear.

4. How many should I prepare?

A: It is recommended to prepare about four pairs for days with heavier flow.

5.Will machine washing cause staining?

A: Please wash light and dark clothes separately in laundry bags. If concerned about blood stains, it is recommended to rinse with water first. Do not leave wet clothes for a long time to avoid fading.